Picked Up a Satellite Dish Today

I answered an ad in the Craig’s List the other day and went to pick up a couple of Direct TV receivers and the dish antenna for them. The guy I got them from was a pro installer and he had a really cool gadget he was working on when I got there. Some person had left one of those really big bus sized RV’s up there, thing must have cost close to a million dollars from the looks of it. At any rate he was up on the roof installing this antenna and I had to wait for him to get done. He let me look in it while he was on top, of course there was not much in it that I could walk away with. Of course I have seen those things with satellite tv a bunch of times. That is the only thing that makes a lot of sense. You are not going to find a place to hook up a cable tv box in a campground for example.

All of the ones I ever saw were just like the direct tv you have at your house though. That is to say that you park the RV, in fact you usually have to level it off just as much as you would have the house level, so that all of the plumbing works right. Then you take the antenna out of the back or down from the luggage carrier and you set it up. It is exactly like any other satellite antenna set up. You have to figure out where the satellite is in the sky and point it at it. This satellite dish doesn’t look like that though. It was flat and mounted flush to the roof. You could watch it while you were driving down the highway.