Movies news 2013 – “Y: The Last Man” and “Independence Day 2″:

“Y: The Last Man”: Dan Trachtenberg has directed sci-fi adventure about the last man on earth

The idea of ​​the cult comic “Y: The Last Man” came to be adapted by Brian K. Vaughan on 10 years ago. 2012 New Line Cinema decided to award the project the highest priority. The script was rewritten and began the search for a director. Now you have chosen the lesser-known Dan Trachtenberg. imageThus can be filmed the dystopian story about the last man in the world.Already last year we reported that New Line Cinema Projelt the “Y: The Last Man” has awarded the highest priority. After the script was rewritten, only a suitable director was missing. Under discussion were Louis Letterier (“The Incredible Hulk”) and DJ Caruso (“Disturbia”). Now it has been decided to be Dan Trachtenberg.

Dan Trachtenberg works primarily in the advertising industry.The comic series “Y: The Last Man” by Brian K. Vaughan comprises about 60 books that are now published together in a book. There are depicted the adventures of the young Yorick Brown, who is the last man on Earth. An unknown plague has wiped out every living being with a Y chromosome.

What remains are only Brown and his male monkey. Both are on their way to Australia to Browns girlfriend Beth. The two male beings are dependent on the help of this clone scientist Dr. Allison Mann and a secret agent.

image“Independence Day 2″: Bill Pullman wants to continue – whether with or without Will Smith

Fans of “Independence Day” might wait forever for a sequel of the blockbuster movie. Bill Pullman, who played in the movie U.S. President Whitmore, announced that it would go on with or without Will Smith.

Since two years of talk about two sequels of “Independence Day”. Producer Roland Emmerich (“anonymous”) confirmed on several occasions, most recently in an interview that there will definitely be more. The project seems always come to a halt. Apparently, it is particularly difficult to find a date and get everyone involved in a boat.

Especially the busy Will Smith (“Men in Black”), in the upcoming “After Earth” will be on display along with his son Jaden Smith.