Less Screen Space and More Time

A device that I’ve had for many years finally decided to stop working. I was watching television one night when it suddenly shut off. I heard a hiss from the back of the television, and then a puff of smoke came out of it. I immediately ran to unplug the television, fearing that it would catch on fire if I tried to use it any further. The television picked the worst possible time to stop working, because I was in the middle of watching a Japanese drama. Without a working television, my ability to watch the drama was gone, or so I thought.

After looking online for a replacement television, and then moping because I didn’t have enough money to buy one, I instead looked for a way to watch the drama online. I prefer to watch the drama on television because my television was bigger than the size of my laptop screen, but now that the television is gone, none of that really matters. A bit of searching guided me to a website with a lot of Japanese content that could be watched, including the drama that I was watching when my television went up in smoke.

I started up the episodes that I left off on, put the web player in full screen, and put some popcorn in the microwave. Watching the drama online isn’t so bad. I may just forget about getting a new television and just keep watching with my laptop. Since I’m watching online, I can watch whenever I want, as opposed to with the television, where I had to wait for the drama to come on, and then make sure I was at home to see it. If I missed the drama, it wouldn’t air again until the season was over, and I had no method of recording it.