Got the New Home Theater Working

Got the new home theater working today. It is not as fancy as a lot of them are, but of course you can spend tons upon tons of money on one of those if that is what you want. This is a good simple system that takes advantage of a bit of unused space I found in the house. Above the garage there was a loft. I had been up there when I was connecting the directv system and I had made a few measurements. Of course it has really steep eaves on either side, but it is lined up with the rest of the house. I started out by building some media storage units on the walls under the eaves. That space was not really going to go to use and of course I knew that I would have to custom size the drawers. On top of it there are CD’s and DVDs, then below that I have my collection of old vinyl phonograph records.

I was thinking about whether or not I could try to make a projection screen. In theory you can do it, but it is not something that just any person will have the ability to pull off. If you could make a perfect surface then it would be a lot cheaper than buying a screen, but if you messed up in the least little bit you would have wasted a bunch of time and effort. I figured that the time and money I spent trying to do it would not give me a very satisfying result, so that in the end it would just be a big waste. I found a projection screen and a pretty nice projector for sale on ebay. I had the components for the sound system, although it is hardly first rate.